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Jeff D Chicago, IL

Moving can be a challenging and often very expensive venture. In fact so many people stay in places the don't like just to avoid it. I'm happy to say that I found Collins family Movers and that has changed that for me. I have moved twice with them now and the most recent time had Leroy and Mike. They did an amazing job and there wasn't even a scratch on any of my belongings. They were on time and the whole process went smoothly. I've found their prices to be extremely reasonable and their costumer service is great. No automated robots to deal with. Rich is great at answering questions and always putting a real person the the booking and follow up process. I feel lucky to have found them and would certainly use their services again.

Mary Ann D.
Chicago, IL

These guys are absolutely awesome ! I was able to leave the job (heavy wood bedroom set , elliptical , couches , oak armoire, antique china cabinet to name a few things ) to them and they did everything perfectly . I was able to be at work and get other important stuff done and my husband said i would be so pleased at how carefully they wrapped things up and how thoughtful they were about my expensive pieces . The rate was also incredible ! I was worried because I was moving from a third floor condo with no elevator and had to get a certificate of insurance for my property management company from Richard the owner. He was so helpful and got me the docs I needed when I needed them. It was all very easy . Also, I will use Collins Family Movers again to move from our storage unit to our single family home this weekend ! We are adding on an additional storage unit full of our stuff to the move this weekend because we were so satisfied. During such a stressful time in our lives it's nice to find a trusty , well priced company like them . I most highly recommend Collins Family Movers and can't wait to meet and thank them when they move me again on Sunday.

Collin C. Chicago, IL

I signed up for yelp a while back and promptly decided that I didn't really care enough to write reviews because 1) I don't actually have a favorable opinion about a lot of people, places or things (most nouns, really), and 2) don't have the energy to complain any more than I already do verbally. That being said, I had to come on here and pay my respects to Collins Family Movers. My girlfriend and I moved in together last week, which means that we needed these guys to pack up two small apartments with a lot of stuff and move everything into a third apartment. They worked incredibly fast and efficiently and dealt with my unorganized mess in the best way possible. They hustled and did whatever else they could to get the job done as fast as they could, and on top of it all they were very friendly. I might sound like a local public access commercial here, but this is a locally owned business that provides incredible service for a great value that you really don't seem to find anywhere anymore. I'd recommend the Collins family to anyone who's planning to move.

Chris B. Chicago, IL

In any business, the single most important feature, is service and Collins Family Movers has gotten this right! From first contact to final payment, Richard Collins was polite, professional and stayed in contact with me to minimize any worries about moving day--which is a stressful time for anyone! He came with Joe and Armando to oversee and participate in wrapping and padding all my furniture. I was the middle of three moves scheduled on a Saturday and he and the guys really hustled. They wasted no time and were aware they were on my clock, my nickel. I couldn't believe how fast they packed my whole 3 bedroom house into their truck--50 minutes! Then we were on the road to my storage locker which wasn't in the most convenient location. They didn't complain and were, in fact, 3 super-nice guys! My whole move was done in 2 hours flat! BTW their pricing was extremely competitive, and, did I mention THEY WERE FAST! There are only a few businesses that I would give 5 stars to and they really deserve this rating!.

Anthony V.,
Hoffman Estates, IL

I had a small move on the horizon so I went to Yelp and found these guys based on previous reviews. I called and got a quote, which was very competitive, so I went with them. When the day arrived they showed up on time (even a bit early) and got everything moved as fast as I could have hoped. My apartment was empty within about 45 minutes. They thoroughly wrapped any pieces of furniture that needed extra protection and made sure everything was packed well into the truck. In another 45 minutes they had gotten to my new place and completely unloaded everything. Moved in under 2 hours with time to spare. I don't even want to think how much time and energy it would have taken me to do the same. Richard is like a man possessed when it comes to moving. Good rates, extremely fast, very professional. Couldn't ask for more. Definitely recommended.

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